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The Louisiana Animal Welfare Commission Auxiliary includes this web-page as a convenient place for the listing of all Louisiana "Lost and Found" animals. Please use the appropriate reporting form for a "lost" animal or a "found" animal. Reported animals will be listed in the "Lost List" and "Found List" further down on this page. These lists may be accessed from the "Click-To List" on the left.

If you have a lost/found bird, you may also want to use (for all birds, not just parrots).


When giving descriptive information in a Found Report so that the person who lost the animal may recognize his/her pet, you need to give enough information in your report for the purpose. But, it is extremely important to withhold some significant identifying information so that a fraudulent claimant is not mistaken for the legitimate owner. It is not uncommon for individuals with criminal intent to try to claim found animals. You, the finder, need to be very careful about who you allow to claim the animal. So, you need to ask questions of the claimant that are based upon identifying information that only the owner would know. You might ask if the claimant has a photograph of the animal. You also need to get a verified address and other contact information from the claimant in case that person is not the owner, and the rightful owner contacts you later.


If you find an animal, you need to decide what to do with him/her. People believe that if the animal is taken to an animal control agency, they will care for the animal, and find him/her a good home. They may try, but, depending upon circumstances, there are limits to how long an animal is held. While percentages vary, it is not uncommon that 4 out of 5 animals that are taken to, or picked-up by, animal control agencies are "put to sleep"; most within a week.


Found Animal:

If you find an animal, you should try to hold him/her for at least a short time while you try to locate the owner.

Check the animal for identification: a name tag with a telephone number, a veterinarian's vaccination/license tag, etc. Take the animal to a local veterinarian or elsewhere where the animal can be "scanned" for a "micro-chip" identifier. If there is a collar, check it thoroughly for any identification.

Report finding the animal to us here at the LAWCA for a "no cost" listing on this website, and to the "Lost and Found Pet" section of your local newspaper. (Likely, there is no charge for the newspaper to list a few lines regarding a found animal.)

Post flyers in the neighborhood where the animal was found.

If the owner cannot be located in a reasonable amount of time, try to get someone to help you who can hold the animal for a longer time. Consider contacting a rescue organization (click RESCUE.) They may be able to take the animal, or place him/her into a foster home. This allows more time for the owner to be located, or to find a permanent new home for the animal, if the owner cannot be located. You should also report the found animal to you local animal control agency if they are one of the more progressive ones that have aide auxiliaries (often called "Friends of the Shelter") or try themselves to locate foster care or placement with a rescue where the animal can be held for a longer time.

Lost/Missing Animal:

If your animal turns-up missing:

The animal may not be lost. He/She may have gotten into a situation close to home that he/she can't get out of. Dogs and cats have been found trapped or hung-up on something under a house or within the space under steps or a porch with an enclosed foundation. Cats especially, being a cautious animal, generally will not venture far from home, unless their tendency to investigate anything new gets them into the open trunk of a car or the cargo space of a truck that inadvertently transports them away from home. So look everywhere for your cat, inside and outside. There's also a chance with animals that something made them sick or caused their death. They may have gone under a house, or into an open garage and died there. Dogs have been found in drain culverts. Try to think of everywhere they could possibly be, and look for them there. Put out some food and water. They may need it, and it may get them to come to the food.

After searching the home area, look farther afield. Call out hoping the pet will hear you. Listen carefully for a response, and look to see if you can find him/her. Cats sometimes climb trees and can't get down.

A dog may be out enjoying some freedom, and may return within several hours.

If your pet doesn't return to you on his/her own, and you have not been able to find him/her, then you need to seek help locating your pet.

Post flyers around the neighborhood, and ask everyone if they have seen your pet.

Report the missing animal to us here at the LAWCA, and also place a "Lost Pet" ad in your local newspaper so that if someone finds your pet, they will be able to locate you.

Before Your Pet Becomes Lost:

Be sure you have taken precautions that he/she cannot become lost:

Keep doors and gates closed/locked, train your dog not to leave your property, or use some means of preventing him/her from leaving. And, take the precaution of providing your pet with forms of identification. Be sure he/she has a collar with a name tag with a phone number/address/e-mail address on it. Also,if possible, write the information on the collar. A cat may be endangered by having to wear a collar that could get hung-up on something. But there are collars that can come off under such circumstances. The risks need to be weighed against the benefits, and care must be taken to prevent harm to your pet. It's also a good idea to have your pet micro-chipped. However, if someone scans the pet improperly, if the micro-chip "migrates" to an unusual place under the skin of your pet, or if the scanner is incompatible with your pet's chip, then the micro-chip may be of no help. A safe collar with a phone number on it is reliable, as long as it stays on the pet.

The Louisiana Pet Registry operated by the LAWCA for the LAWC utilizes various means of identifying a pet. (Click PET REGISTRY.) You'll be able to register your pet for $15, and get an ID tag. Please visit the Pet Registry web-page on this LAWCA website for more information about the Louisiana Pet Registry.


Enter your name, telephone number, and e-mail address so we can contact you.

Then, fill in all of the information you want to appear in the LAWCA Lost/Found List.

Give a description of the animal. You may want to read the instructions on the LAWCA Pet Registry web-page to help you with this part. If you do, you don't need to follow the format. Entry here is informal. Your description should contain enough information to allow a finder to match the found animal with your description. An attached picture (that will appear along with your description in the list) would be helpful. As it is said: "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Tell where the animal was lost/found precisely enough so that the location can be plotted on a map. In a municipality, give a street address, the intersection of two streets, the name of a park or playground, etc. If there are no addresses or intersecting streets, as in the country, give whatever map-related information you can.

Please remember, if you are the finder of a lost animal, to exercise caution as indicated in the "Warning" above; and withhold some identifying information to be used to quiz a claimant, so that you can determine if he/she is the rightful owner.

After you press the Send button, an e-mail will open that has all of the data you entered, with the "To:" field, and the "Subject:" field already filled-in. At this time, you may attach one or two photographs which must be in .jpg format, and must not exceed 100KB in file size.

Lost Report

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Lost Report: (Please read instructions.)

Found Report

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Found Report: (Please read instructions.)

Lost List

New Orleans - Jefferson Parish Area



CONTACT: Adrian at:
Or, CALL: (504) 715-2725, ANY TIME.

Katie is an inside dog who accidentally got out Thursday July 28 in Westgate subdivision. This is near the Metairie WalMart. BUT, she could be anywhere by now. Unfortunately she wasn't wearing her ID.

She is friendly and will come to you. She may be scared and a little shy. Katie is 14 years old, hard of hearing, and needs medications. She is very much loved and missed.


Black with White Face
Medium Size (about 40 lbs)
Short Hair
Erect, Pointy Ears

Please keep an eye out for her.


New Orleans - Leonidas St. at the Mississippi River

REFERENCE: 20110807George

CONTACT: HomeAgain at: Or call HomeAgain 24/7 Recovery Center at: 1-888-466-3242.

POSTED: Sunday, August 7th, 2011


WEIGHT: 40lbs
SEX: Male
MICROCHIP #: 985121004229801

OTHER CHARACTERISTICS: Black tipped ears (beagle), wrinkled face, widows peak, very healthy


Baton Rouge - neighborhood behind the BC/BS Building. off of Bluebonnet

REFERENCE: 20110807George

CONTACT: Sandra DiTusa at: Or call 225-315-7225.

POSTED: Thursday, August 4th, 2011


Micro-chip number 49075D7053.

Coyote DiTusa -- 7yr-old neutered male orange tabby

High pitch meow that does not match his very big frame. Very Loving. Being a socialized feral, he is quite nervous around fast movement.

Pet's Philosophy= Life is good.

The problem here is, he was a feral kitty, and we socialized him, yet he really will only come to our family. He is not the kind of feral that would hurt anyone. He is fearful, and hides when anyone comes in he doesn't know.


Metairie - East of the I-10 between Cleary and Clearview Pkwy.

REFERENCE: 20110817Rosie

CONTACTS: Lise or Ginnie Or, call 504-669-1908 or 504-289-2777.

POSTED: Wednesday, August 17th, 2011


PLEASE FORWARD to Greater New Orleans Area Contacts LaRose (Rosie), the Border Collie who was the last dog trapped by Animal Rescue New Orleans at the Atchafalaya Welcome Center in advance of the flooding in May, had been doing well at ARNO's shelter. She had made great strides in getting comfortable around people. ARNO transferred her to a foster home to help her come along further and, despite everyone's best efforts, she got away from her foster home on Wednesday, August 17th. ARNO is doing everything they can to get her back. Please see ARNO's flier about LaRose (below). Please contact Lise and Ginnie at ARNO if you can help post fliers in Metairie. ARNO needs all the help they can get because LaRose is very wary and hard to trap. LaRose was lost in "apartment row", the complexes that are between Clearview and Cleary, and between I-10 Service Road and W. Napoleon. It is unlikely that LaRose would cross Clearview, Cleary and of course she hits a dead end at the service road. However, she may have crossed W. Napoleon late at night and somehow gotten into an area which is mainly houses. Please help if you can. At least forward the flyer so that it may get into as many hands in the target area as possible. Thanks


Found List

Baton Rouge, Central

REFERENCE: 20110809-01

CONTACT: Mary Lorio

POSTED: Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Mary says: "She looks like she belongs to someone. Friendly and loveable. Skinny and looks like she may have been lost for some time."

Denham Springs, Range and Veterans area

REFERENCE: 20110805-01

CONTACT: Keren Ray

POSTED: Friday, August 5th, 2011

Karen Ray found this terrier mix, about 6 months old, "in the middle of traffic!!" He is very sweet and playful; and healthy except for fleas, but the vet is treating that.

Karen says, "I really need to find him a good home, my dogs are not handling a new puppy too well! Let me know if you know anyone who would be interested in adopting him. Thanks."


Provided Courtesy: The Humane HEART (Health, Education, & Abuse Resolution Taskforce)


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